Ambulance Fees

St John provides the only public emergency ambulance service in Papua New Guinea, but it is only partially funded by the government.

The average trip to hospital costs St John about K800, but around 80% of ambulance patients don’t pay any fee for the service.

Ambulance services are free to Papua New Guineas requiring emergency life-saving care at a public hospital. Fees apply to visitors to Papua New Guinea, persons requesting transport to a private hospital, or persons seeking medically non-urgent transport to or from a public health facility.

St John needs to fundraise some PGK 2.5m each year to keep emergency services free and reliable for the sick, injured, poor and needy.


Do I need to pay for an ambulance?


There is no cost to use St John for PNG Citizens being transported to a public hospital in the following emergency situations:

  • a life-threatening emergency
  • a pregnancy related complication or a woman in labour
  • a victim of violence
  • a person injured in a serious accident
  • a child under five years old suffering a serious illness
  • a snakebite victim


St John is not-for-profit emergency medical service, supported by government funding, social enterprise, community donations, and corporate sponsorships. As a not-for-profit organisation, all money we raise goes back into caring for the community: improving our services, purchasing new equipment and ambulances, training our staff and keeping ambulances fuelled and maintained, ready to attend the next emergency.