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The First to Care
Wherever. Whenever
In the service
of humanity.
Our purpose is to serve humanity and build resilient
communities through relief and prevention of sickness and
distress, suffering, and danger.
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St John provides PNG’s emergency ambulance service. Our dedicated team prides its self  on helping Papua New Guinean’s and visitors get reliable and trusted care.

Learn First Aid


Would you know what to do in an emergency situation? St John offers a range of nationally accredited courses as well as shorter, non-accredited options – meaning there’s an option for everyone, no matter what your reason for learning first aid.

For Emergency Call:


With the Ambulance Coordination Centre located in the Port Moresby, St John Ambulance is responsible for receiving nation-wide emergency 111 calls requiring ambulance attendance. 111 is toll free. You don’t need credit to call.

We are committed to making health care possible for people.

To ensure that people have trusted, reliable and quality emergency care when it is needed, wherever it is needed, whatever the circumstance.

Matt Cannon OStJ
Chief Executive Officer


When no one else can. Where no one else will.

St John PNG is a charitable, non-profit, humanitarian organisation operating according to the St John Council Incorporation Act. Our purpose is to serve humanity and build resilient communities through relief and prevention of sickness and distress, suffering and danger by:

  • Making first aid a part of everyone’s life.
  • Delivering high-quality cost-effective ambulance services to Papua New Guinea.
  • Providing easy and equitable access into the health system


Together, St John cover the largest landmass of any single ambulance service in the world…


  • Service around 60 million people in the Asia- Paciifc Region
  • Leading ambulance and prehospital care in the Pacific for over 125 Years

Over 950 years


A passionate team of people carrying a thousand years of caring.


  • St John has been the best in for accessible, universal health care for nine centuries. In performing their duties, the men and women of today uphold the work of their forebears.
  • St John will always stand firm in its mission to make health care universally accessible to people, because people need care and humanity deserves protection.
  • Our ambulance men and woman face all forms of danger and risk to bring critical medical care to the injured, the sick and the suffering. These are the traditions we at St John have upheld for almost one thousand years.


Doing good and doing it well


As a forward-thinking organisation we know our charitable work for the sick and the poor must be sustainable. This is why we also provide world-class private medical services, health & safety education.

The funds we generate from private services ensures we can reliably provide, grow and sustain high-quality essential health services for local communities.

Our Clients and Partners

Working closely with some of the most reputable businesses and organizations within Papua New Guinea.