In the service
of humanity.
St John is the frontline of medical response, persevering
life and improving health care through emergency medical
services, rescue and disaster relief.
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St John Ambulance The frontline of care Our Motto Our People St John Ambulance The frontline of care Our Motto Our People

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St John Ambulance is a statutory body that proudly provides the nation’s primary emergency ambulance and emergency medical response service on behalf of the PNG Government. Our dedicated team prides itself  on saving lives and helping Papua New Guinean’s and visitors with emergency medical care.


For Ambulance Call 111


St John Ambulance is responsible for receiving all nationwide emergency 111 calls requiring ambulance attendance. It is free to call St John from anywhere in PNG.

First Aid

Learn First Aid


St John offers a range of accredited first aid courses for all people, from beginners to experts.
For doctors and nurses, St John facilitate basic and advanced life support courses in partnership with the PNG Society for Emergency Medicine.

Thousands of people trust St John with their lives every year in Papua New Guinea and across the Pacific.

St John is at the frontline of health care to ensure that people have trusted, reliable and quality emergency care when it is needed, wherever it is needed, whatever the circumstance.

Matt Cannon OStJ
Chief Executive Officer


When no one else can.
Where no one else will.

St John is a charitable statutory health & emergency service. Through the St John Council Act St John is an independent annexes of government.

St John specializes in emergency medical care to help people in their time of greatest need. From ambulance and rescue services, to training people in life saving skills, and helping doctors and nurses hone their critical care life support skills.

St John is the regional expert in emergency medical services


Covering the largest landmass of any single ambulance service in the world, and providing statutory ambulance services for the governments of Western Australia, Northern Territory, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Fiji, and Solomon Islands… There is no one more experienced, and no organisation more trusted than St John.


Doing good and doing it well


As a forward-thinking organisation we know our charitable work for the sick and the poor must be sustainable. This is why we also provide world-class Social enterprise medical services and education.

The fees from private paying clients helps St John reliably provide, grow and sustain essential charitable emergency medical services for millions of people each year.

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