Employee Benefits

St John Ambulance values the hard work and dedication of all employees and is pleased to offer an array of benefits.

First Aid Training

Knowing first aid is a vital skill and we actively encourage all employees to learn it. Statistics indicate that 80% of cardiac arrests occur in the home and that for each minute CPR is not administered, a patient’s survival rate decreases by 10%.

All employees are offered a complementary Provide First Aid course every three years, which is conducted at a St John Ambulance PNG training centre. One immediate family member living at the same address as the employee are also entitled to one free course every three years.


Discounts on First Aid Kits and Equipment

No home or car is complete without a St John first aid kit. They contain all the necessary supplies and equipment needed in the event of a mishap. St John allows employees to purchase first aid kits and equipment at heavily discounted prices.


Salary Packaging

We’ll help you maximize your income. Salary packaging is one of the most popular benefits our employees enjoy. Salary packaging can substantially increase your take-home pay. Salary packaging allows you to allocate a portion of your annual pay towards expenses before it is taxed, resulting in more money in your pocket.



When we retire we all hope to have enough money to afford a comfortable lifestyle. For most of us this will come from our superannuation funds.


Health and wellbeing

As one of the leading medical providers around the world, St John understands the importance of a healthy and active lifestyle. To ensure a healthy workforce, St John offers a Health and Wellbeing benefit that gives you access to gyms. We give our office employees an extra-long lunch break if they desire to use the gymnasium next door for physical exercise. We have a regular walking group. We make sure that free fruit is available to our team in the office during the day.


Free Ambulance Cover

As recognition of the hard work our employees contribute to the organization, St John waives any fees associated with emergency ambulance transport within our areas of operation in PNG. The benefit also covers partners and up to three (3) dependent children, and there is no limit to how many times you can use the service. Discounts area available to all staff and active volunteers for non-emergency ambulance services.