Call 111 for Help

We understand that calling an ambulance can be a stressful and challenging experience. Our priority is to get help to you promptly and efficiently. When you dial 111 for an ambulance, expect that we may ask you many questions. This is essential for us to provide the best possible care.

Tell Us Where You Are

To ensure we can reach you quickly, we first need to pinpoint the exact location where help is needed.

Be Prepared to Answer a few Important Questions

We will also determine if there are any immediate life threats and confirm your telephone number in case we need to call you back.

Answer Follow-Up Questions

If the situation is not immediately life-threatening, we may ask several follow-up questions to assess the urgency, provide critical first aid instructions, and ensure no life-threatening symptoms were overlooked in the initial triage.

Keep your phone on:

Please keep your phone turned on and available, as we may send you text messages or call you back for further information or instructions. Our goal is to support you through this difficult time and ensure that help arrives as swiftly as possible.