National 111 Centre

Centre of Operations

The National Ambulance Operations Centre is the heartbeat of the emergency response across PNG . This state-of-the-art facility is equipped with advanced technology to ensure we can respond quickly and efficiently to emergencies across Papua New Guinea.

Efficient Call-Taking

The call-taking process is a critical component of our emergency response system. Our emergency call-takers use specialised scripts to ensure they gather all necessary information quickly and accurately, enabling a swift and appropriate response. Additionally, they provide pre-scripted emergency first aid instructions over the phone, guiding callers through vital steps to help stabilise patients until our teams arrive.

Advanced Dispatch System

Our operations centre utilises a sophisticated computer-aided dispatch system, which helps us prioritise and allocate resources effectively. This system integrates with our hybrid communication network, which includes radio over LTE/4G devices, mobile data terminals in ambulances, traditional VHF and HF radios, and satellite phones. This robust communication infrastructure ensures seamless coordination and constant connectivity, even in the most remote areas.

Continuous Vehicle Monitoring

Every ambulance and response vehicle in our fleet is tracked and monitored 24/7, ensuring that we can dispatch the nearest available unit to any emergency. Many of our vehicles are equipped with onboard cameras and remote vehicle diagnostics, providing real-time data on vehicle performance and crew safety. This comprehensive monitoring system enhances our ability to deliver timely, efficient, and effective emergency medical services across Papua New Guinea.

Real-Time Tracking

Additionally, as the centre employs advanced mapping and GPS tracking systems to monitor our ambulances in real-time, it allows dispatchers to send the nearest available unit to an emergency. This technology enables us to provide rapid response and deliver critical care when it is needed most.

Integrated Technology

Through the integration of these technologies, our National Ambulance Operations Centre ensures that we can provide timely and efficient emergency medical services, enhancing the safety and wellbeing of the people of Papua New Guinea.