St John is a trusted charity, saving lives and providing the nation’s primary emergency ambulance and medical retrieval service.


St John’s core purpose is to protect and save lives, to provide essential medical services, and support Papua New Guineans in their time of greatest need.


All people in Papua New Guinea are supported with quality, equitable emergency medical services whether in the busiest city, or the remotest village.

Our Mission

St John is committed to protecting and saving lives, providing high quality health care, and ensuring every person has access to medical care when it is needed in an emergency, wherever it is needed, whatever the circumstance.

We achieve our mission by:

  • delivering the nation’s primary emergency ambulance and air medical retrieval service;
  • providing Papua New Guineans with urgent and timely access to healthcare;
  • delivering high quality primary care and public health support services;
  • providing disaster response and medical resilience in support of the government.
  • working to make first aid a part of everyone’s life.

Our Values

Trust and respect

For patients, partners, and community.

Passionate and unselfish

In how we go about serving others.

Commercially astute

Forward thinking in using social enterprises to ensure a financially sustainable organisation.

Transparent and accountable

In our dealings with employees, patients, partners, and the public.

Never standing still in pursuing excellence

Always striving and innovating to provide better outcomes for our patients, employees and community.

Our Promises